Who it benefits?

Employees and Employer

This program supports adults with intellectual disabilities to participate in meaningful employment. Employment Corporations and Agencies work with individuals to assist them in obtaining employment.

Businesses almost always find themselves gaining a hard working employee who are thankful to be given the opportunity to gain meaningful employment.

The following are some of the benefits as reported by employers.

Hiring people with disabilities:

  • Contributes to a better rate of attendance, punctuality, employee morale, teamwork and safety in the workplace.
  • Often leads to a reduction in staff turnover; people with disabilities have proven to be skilled and loyal employees.
  • Shows that the company values diversity and is a tangible example of good corporate citizenship.
  • Increases the purchasing power for individuals with a disability and their families.
  • Reflects the demographics of your community and enhances the community’s understanding of people with disabilities.
  • May free up resources to complete other tasks and increase productivity.
  • Allows the person with a disability to be a role model to the staff and community and others with a disability.
  • May include free corporate marketing when your new employee talks about where they work.
  • May require accommodations for your new employee, but the change may make your company more robust, innovative and adaptive.