Who is Labrador West Employment Corporation


  • To act as an advocate in the business community for persons with disabilities
  • To assist people with disabilities gain access to training and employment opportunities which provide meaningful work, in integrated settings, for equitable pay and long term security
  • To provide the necessary support in training and employment for people with disabilities
  • To interact with various government agencies (federal/provincial/municipal) regarding economic development opportunities in support of individuals with disabilities
  • To encourage and develop antonymous enterprises which will employ people with disabilities
  • To involve, where appropriate, people with disabilities and their families in the planning and decision making process
  • To pay special attention to individuals with challenging needs who are vulnerable in the community
  • To achieve long term survival of the supported employment initiative in Labrador.


This mandate is based on the needs of persons with disabilities regarding:

  • Financial independence
  • Meaningful work
  • Contributing members of society & the community
  • Career
  • Social life
  • Security and stability