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The Labrador West Employment Corporation (LWEC) is a community based organization, with a volunteer board of directors, that provide support to persons with developmental disabilities in finding and maintaining employment.

The LWEC believes that people with disabilities must have equal access to income, security, a social life, career opportunities and acceptance as contributing members of their communities.

We help ensure that those with disabilities are given the opportunity to succeed based on their skills, experience, abilities, and the right to work in integrated environments with non-disabled peers.

Services offered to the Client:

Supported Employment

Job development and job search skills

Business development/planning

Resume development and interview preparation

Personal skill and employability skill development

Access to a computer and internet services

Access to various resource materials including information on post-secondary training programs


Benefits available to Employer:

Ongoing follow-up and support to ensure successful employer/employee relations

Access to wage subsidy programs helping reduce training and recruitment costs for new employees

Employee may be trained by external resources, saving the employer time and money

Satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference

Public recognition as an equal-opportunity employer

Company name advertised in the LWEC promotional material

On-the-job co-worker support at no extra cost to employer





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Labrador West Employment Corporation


This program is made possible through funding provided by the Government of Canada, under funding of the Employment Insurance (EI) account, in partnership with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, through the Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market Development Agreement

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