What is Supported Employment?

Supportive Employment allows individuals with disabilities to earn the going wage and to benefit from the well-being and security that is associated with having a job. It is away for an individual to find meaningful and rewarding employment. This is accomplished through the provision of support at no extra cost to the employer. 

The appropriate level of support varies depending on the individual who is hired. Some individuals may require relatively minimal involvement in the beginning that could fade throughout the employment, in consultation with the employer. Other individuals would have more difficulty competing in the labour force. In this case, a support worker would be provided who would work alongside the individual, as a team, to accomplish the tasks laid out by the employer


How does it work?

This program is designed to enable employers to hire persons with disabilities in a way that benefits the employer.

The employer hires the individual with a disability and pays all wages and benefits. In some instances, the employer can access wage subsidy programs to offset some of the initial related costs.

The support is then provided through teh LWEC, which pays all costs associated with the provision of support, such as support worker wage and benefits.

The employer sets the terms and conditions of employment. In fact, there is nothing beyond the ordinary hiring practices required from the employer. The only thing that is asked of the employer is to provide the opportunity for employment.

If a support worker is required, both the individual with a disability and the support worker respond to the direction of the employer. The LWEC provides assistance to the employer where requested and provides supervision of the support worker.